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[Review] 4 Elements HD (PS3)

Available on: PS3; Publisher: Boolat Games; Developer: Boolat Games; Players: 1; Released: August 30, 2011; ESRB: Everyone; Official Site

No puzzle game is like the other. Each one tries to do more than the hit before it so it can be the next big thing. Whether it’s the simplicity of Tetris or the social drive of Bejeweled Blitz, each game strives to stand out. The latest game, 4 Elements HD, isn’t necessarily simple nor does it have a strong social component, so what is going to keep you coming back to it? Instead of either, 4 Elements HD is filled to the brim with different obstacles, which makes for a game that is quite complex and will easily appeal to those in search of new challenges.

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[Casual Friday] Angry Birds Rio


Casual gamers need some love, too. Whether you’re on the go or simply bored from watching your boyfriend play those “hardcore” video games with his friends, you need something to kill your time. We present Casual Friday to give you the recommendations you need to keep your sanity in these times of boredom. To kick it off,, we’ve decided to feature the latest installment of the Angry Birds franchise, Angry Birds Rio. For those of you living under a rock and who are unfamiliar with Angry Birds, first get out from under there and download the game, even if it’s the free trial. The basic premise is to throw a variety of birds at pigs who maybe protected by structures. “Why?” you ask? Because the pigs stole your eggs! Ok, look… just download it and it’ll all make sense.
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[Review] Chime Super Deluxe – Take Control of the Music

Available on: PS3; Publisher: Zoe Mode; Developer: Zoe Mode; Players: 1 – 4; Released: March 29, 2011; ESRB: Everyone; Official Website

Chime Screen 1

Who can forget the music of Tetris? Even though it is embedded into our memory from now to forever, who wouldn’t want a little variety? Chime offers players the opportunity to use the environment of a puzzle game to let the music develop as they progress. This may seem almost gimmicky but Chime is a unique game that goes way beyond the music environment.

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[Review] Crazy Machines 2 Complete

The appeal of Crazy Machines is strange. The narrative goes that I am at the service of a vaguely professor-ish  colleague of popularly referenced smart guys (Einstein, Curie, etc.) and that I often have perform menial chores using engineering elements. Personally, I have never had to consider the proper trajectory that a basketball would have to travel to activate a steam powered hot dog cooker.  Turns out that it’s a lot of fun.

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[Review] Romance of Rome – Alliteration Hell

The iOS platform is filled with a plethora of games, but one genre stands out among the rest. Puzzle games have quickly become the most successful genre in the app store but because of that there are thousands of games; but which are actually worth playing? Romance of Rome fights to stand out among it’s fellow puzzle games by using its story line as a catalyst to drive the gameplay.

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