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[Friday Five] Good Reasons to Import

Back in the days of cartridge converters and illegal modifications all for the purpose of playing imported games, most American gamers only heard about elusive Japanese games and could only find out about them from rare magazine articles or word of mouth. With the internet and a greater interest in gaming, not only is more information making it to western gamers by way of individual user created videos, but there is a greater number of games being published here as well. Although that is the case, people still import games – and for good reason. Here are at least five reasons why to import a game instead of waiting for it to come overseas.

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[Weekly Watch] May 29, 2011

BBCS Pic 1

With few releases this week, we certainly get quality over quantity. Hunted: The Demon’s Forge has been long awaited, and what I would personally dubbed “Resident Evil 5-done-right.” And being a big fighting game fan, there’s no denying the drawing power that BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II has over me, despite the horrifying d-pad on either the 3DS or PSP. Although if you haven’t been waiting for these titles, I doubt you’d be as giddy as me.

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