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Denkiphile Has Moved!

Hey guys. If you’re subscribed to Denkiphile, thank you very much. Due to our unprecedented growth, we’ve now moved homes to a different host. There will be no URL change and you can visit the new home right at the same URL you’ve known to come and love. It’s been about half a year since Denkiphile has launched; here’s to the future and we look forward to more great readers like yourselves!


[AX 2011] Random Pictures

AX2011 Title
Not sure if you guys are into anime and stuff like that, but I stopped by Anime Expo 2011 this past weekend to check out some of the games at the show, including El Shaddai and Bleach: Soul Resurrection (more on that later). When I wasn’t playing those games or buying random things with some friends, I took notice of a couple of cosplayers and took pictures of those that interested me. Please forgive the crappy pictures. It’s what happens when your camera sucks and you resort to an HTC Desire Z for pictures instead. Hope you guys will like them, though!

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[Poll] What DOES That New Logo Look Like?

Two-minute LogoSo we finally got tired of having no logo on our Twitter page, and not even having a Facebook page as a result, so I took two minutes to design one on GIMP. I’m not going to lie: I’m not graphic designer and it shows. So! Let’s all vote on what the logo looks like! Check out our Twitter and Facebook pages!

I’m Daniel.

Davis literally woke me up from a nap in the sun today to ask me if I would like to write for this blog. I said “Okay, sure thing,” and now I am here, writing. I am very excited. I think. Read the rest of this entry