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[Quick Questions] Giant Atari Joystick – Artist Jason Torchinsky

Giant Atari Stick

While at the Super iam8bit show, many pieces caught our eye. However, the most iconic piece of hardware was there in 15:1 scale form and caught everyone’s eye. Jason Torchinsky had constructed a gigantic, working model of the Atari 2600 joystick and displayed it at the show. Anyone who’s been there already would have undoubtedly seen and been awed by it. During some downtime after the gallery’s opening, we were able to sit down with Torchinsky and get in a couple of Quick Questions. For more on Torchinsky’s work, be sure to check out his website!

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Super iam8bit and the Restroom vs. the World

Retro gaming fans, rejoice! Renowned marketing and production company iam8bit just put on a new show titled Super iam8bit. We were there for the opening bash to check out some of the works. I was blown away by some of the art that depicted some of my favorite games in an all new light. Blood drenched Kirby? A reimagined, epic showdown between Link and Ganon? Whether a humorous rendition or a painted vision of the images that pixels could interpret but not show, this art show had them and is sure to either garner some chuckles or inspire awes. Of course, nothing beats the Scott Pilgrim graphic novel wallpaper throughout the restroom. But why let me tell you what to think? Check them out for yourself! Forgive the less-than-spectacular phone camera once again, but all the more reason to see these pieces for yourself in person.

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