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[Casual Friday] Tiny Tower

Tiny Tower Title

One of the biggest problems with the iPhone to date has been the battery life. Battery management has become a daily task that is as important as eating lunch – especially for those of us that our juggling several different games. But what if there was one game that you could become full engulfed with that can almost promise minimal battery drain? Boy, is Tiny Tower for you. However, readers beware: after twenty minutes into it, you will become a mindless slave and you won’t even know why.

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[Casual Friday] Shape Shift


For this week’s Casual Friday I’m looking at Backflip Studios’ newest hit Shape Shift. It already has thousands of downloads but is it really any different from the already popular Bejewled Blitz?
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[Casual Friday] Tiny Wings


This week’s Casual Friday features a game that epitomizes “casual.” There reason I say this is because the player only has one control; frankly it doesn’t get more casual than that. But does this extremely simple control scheme really offer enough depth to keep you coming back? Well let’s find out.

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[Casual Friday] World of Goo


For the next installment of Casual Friday I feature a game that may not be best defined by the term “casual.” While on a trip to Ohio a couple of weeks ago my traveling buddy introduced me to World of Goo, which at first seemed fairly interesting to me, but little did I know that she had introduced me to a game that would ruin any productivity for the next two and a half weeks of my life.

World of Goo was originally released as a PC game in 2008. Recently it has been rereleased and optimized for iOS devices. The goal is simple, you must use goo balls to build structures and reach a pipe that will suck up any goo balls that have not been used for said structure. This game offers an environment that is highly dependent on physics. The gameplay is fairly simple but the storyline’s progression continuously adds more factors into the game, making it more difficult and in-depth over time. You travel along a barren world completing missions and uncovering new parts of the world as well as new goo species. Each species carry unique properties that can range from floating, launching, or regenerative properties to name a few.

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[Casual Friday] Angry Birds Rio


Casual gamers need some love, too. Whether you’re on the go or simply bored from watching your boyfriend play those “hardcore” video games with his friends, you need something to kill your time. We present Casual Friday to give you the recommendations you need to keep your sanity in these times of boredom. To kick it off,, we’ve decided to feature the latest installment of the Angry Birds franchise, Angry Birds Rio. For those of you living under a rock and who are unfamiliar with Angry Birds, first get out from under there and download the game, even if it’s the free trial. The basic premise is to throw a variety of birds at pigs who maybe protected by structures. “Why?” you ask? Because the pigs stole your eggs! Ok, look… just download it and it’ll all make sense.
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