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[Preview] Bleach: Soul Resurreccion

Bleach Shot 1
While at Anime Expo, NIS had the latest build of Bleach: Soul Resurreccion on display at their booth. I stopped by to check out the anime’s foray into the hack-and-slash genre, which should have happened long before. So far, the game is looking great and we can’t figure out why it never existed until now.

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[Review] Moon Diver – Online Old School Goodness

Available on: PS3, Xbox 360; Publisher: Square Enix; Developer: feelplus; Players: 1 – 4; Released: March 29, 2011; ESRB: Everyone; Official WebsiteMoon Diver Shot 2

There are a handful of companies in the gaming world whose name alone screams credibility. So much so that players are willing to buy it based on that alone. It’s kind of like going to a Liam Nielson movie. Tangent aside, Square Enix probably has more credibility than Liam Nielson himself (hopefully this isn’t a too soon joke for anybody) . Their newest game Moon Diver has hit both Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network, but does the content of Moon Diver fulfill the expectations of the Square Enix name?

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[Review] Double Dragon – Old School Becomes New

Double Dragon is a classic arcade brawler that has seen life everywhere from the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) to the Xbox Live Arcade, and most recently now on iOS. But how does this classic game fare up in a world of old fans and young blood, and on a platform where action games are crippled and criticized by the hardware limitations?

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