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[Review] The First Templar – Ranked First in Mediocre

Available on: PC, Xbox 360; Publisher: Kalypso Media; Developer: Haemimont Games; Players: 1; Released: May 12, 2011; ESRB: Teen ; Official Website

The First Templar is an action RPG based on the search for the Holy Grail. While this theme has been touched upon by film so many times to the point of being a simply boring topic, the topic hasn’t been visited by gaming as much. However, The First Templar is less about the Holy Grail and more about the journey and that is what makes it a fun and compelling adventure. Read the rest of this entry


[Review] Elements of War – Just Don’t Play It.

Available on: PC; Publisher: Kalypso Media; Developer: Lesta Studios; Players: 1; Released: April 18, 2011; ESRB: Teen; Official Website

Elements of War is an RTS developed by Lesta Studio. Its story revolves around two characters: Captain Paul Wilson and General Derek Kirkker. It starts with unusual weather activity wreaking havoc on the populace and the player being tasked with maintaining control and order. Aside from the rather weak storyline, Elements of War is a game that seems to be absolutely riddled with problems and is, unfortunately, a game that should be avoided.

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[Preview] Darkspore – Diablo+Spore

Darkspore Preview Shot 3

The Darkspore beta is currently available on steam and free to try for anyone interested. Brought to us by the same people who made Spore, it combines the gameplay of dungeon crawlers with the creation system of Spore. Players can customize creatures and create squads of up to three to bring on missions to clear out hordes of enemy darkspore minions.

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[Review] Dragon Age II – An Improved Epic

Dragon Age II is the sequel of the critically acclaimed Dragon Age: Origins released by Bioware. Once again Bioware releases another gem of a game to sate your thirst for single player action. Luckily, however, the story line itself has no direct connection to its predecessor and the game follows a completely new character named Hawke. Your character begins in as a refugee, escaping a war called the Blight, which was the major conflict in Origins. As you flee the blight, it will lead you to Kirkwall, the City of Chains. From there, the game follows Hawke’s life over the next ten years as he (or she) becomes the champion of Kirkwall.

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