What’s Denkiphile?

“Denki” in Japanese means electricity or electronic goods. The suffix “-phile” modifies a word to form a word meaning one who has a penchant for something or likes something in particular over others. Hence, Denkiphile means one who has an affinity for electronic goods.

Denkiphile was established in 2011 and composed of a group of veteran gamers. Here are their stories:

Davis Fan (Editor-in-chief):

Like most gamers from my era (the 90’s), I started with Super Nintendo and just never stopped playing. I had the blisters, or battle wounds as some called them, from playing Street Fighter II and endured the annoying load times from Playstation games. As I got older, I stepped out and began to play fighting games competitively, joining tournaments for games such as Guilty Gear XX Accent Core and Street Fighter IV, all the while I was also engulfed in the world of video game journalism and blogging; after the Evolution Fighting Game Championships 2009, I quit playing fighting games competitively and focused the bulk of my gaming time on blogging. Occasionally, I’ll still head out to the local arcade or fire up Super Street Fighter IV and look for the same thrill I used to get facing off some unknown player.

Jhonny Crespo (Senior Vice President of iOS Reviews)

I remember being the only kid on the block with a Sega Genesis. This had all of the neighborhood kids in my house – something that my parents were never really fans of. What ended up changing my life however was Nintendo’s Game Boy Color. From then on out, I was all about mobile gaming. This fit perfectly for my on-the-go lifestyle and allowed me to keep up with games that otherwise would be collecting dust by my TV. Now with the App Store, I can keep on gaming without carrying an extra device around. With people always asking me about different games, I finally decided that maybe I should start blogging instead of repeating my recommendations to people. Now I can just copy and paste my links.

Justin Chen (Writer)

My first true taste of gaming came a bit later in my life than for most. It began with a brief experience with Starcraft on a friend’s computer, but as soon as I played a single game, I became absolutely embroiled in it. After purchasing my own copy, I played it to an almost religious fanaticism, vowing to become as dominant as possible. Admittedly, that became a bit more complicated since most gamers were far better than my inexperienced 11-year-old self. However, Starcraft would forever cement my interest in multiplayer games in the future. While I enjoy the occasional single player game, multiplayer will always be my sanctuary. Regardless of the genre, whether it be RTS, FPS, or anything in between, one can always find me engaged as long as there is some good multiplayer action.

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