[Quick Questions] Cave Story 3D – Producer Jack Niida

Cave Story 3D Prinny

While a relatively unknown game, Cave Story has been making a splash amongst fans of indie games for some time already for its old school roots, which shine through the simple, yet difficult gameplay. Earlier this year, NIS America has announced that the game will be making its 3D debut on the 3DS later this year. Curious about the game and what it will bring to a wider audience, we decided to ask Cave Story 3D producer Jack Niida a couple of Quick Questions. Hopefully you guys are as excited as us to get in some old school, side scrolling fun this November! For more, check out the game’s official website here.

Denkiphile: What do you feel is the ultimate appeal of Cave Story 3D?

Jack Niida: There are many great things going for Cave Story 3D, but the ultimate appeal would have to be the amazing playability of the game. The original version was meticulously crafted with no compromise. The story is in-depth, characters are diverse, and game play is simply pristine with a great sense of adventure on every level. That experience extends to the 3DS version, but with a new impeccable style. The 3D effect also enhances the experience with a sense of depth. We really hope you will enjoy Cave Story 3D.

DP: What led to the creation of this title? Particularly, why the 3DS? It seems like an odd match for a game that is strictly 2D.

JN: This project started out by chance. I met Tyrone Rodriguez from Nicalis, Inc. a few years back, but never really got together for a while. Suddenly last year I met him again at Anime Expo and started talking. They wanted to re-create Cave Story in a modern 3D look, and we thought it was an awesome idea, so we got together and created Cave Story 3D.

DP: Will there be any new additions to the game for the 3DS version that players might enjoy?

JN: Yes, there are some extended stages and hidden items with a few surprises here in there. For those who want to enjoy the classic 2D sprite look there is a 2D mode to play as the sprite Quote.

DP: So far, what has been your favorite part about this Cave Story 3D?

JN: Being able to work with the guys at Nicalis, Inc. and Daisuke Amaya has been my favorite part. The game has turned out great and we owe it to Nicalis and Daisuke who has been amazing.

DP: Do you have any last words for both long time fans of Cave Story and potential newcomers?

JN: For newcomers we want them to experience how fun gaming was back when the original Metroid and Zelda came out. Cave Story 3D retains that same classic platformer feel where every stage was an adventure, but with a modern 3D look. I think visually the new look opens up a new opportunity to a wide range of audience who may not necessary like the classic sprite graphics. For long time fans we want them to know that Cave Story 3D still has the amazing  game play and with the new fresh look they can experience the game from a different perspective.

Thank you for this interview opportunity. We appreciate all the support from everyone!


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