[Quick Questions] Record of Agarest War Zero – Public Relations Coordinator James Xie

Agarest War Zero Shot 6

While packed with sex appeal, the Record of Agarest War series has definitely been making the rounds as a legit and quality strategy RPG as well. With the latest release, Record of Agarest War Zero, the series has already garnered a good following in the states. To tell us a bit more about the game series, PR coordinator James Xie of Aksys Games takes a few moments to answer a couple of Quick Questions for us.

Denkiphile: What, aside from the obvious abundance of girls, do you think sets Record of Agarest War apart from other S-RPG series?

James Xie: Aside from the girls? And relevant? Okay, okay, all jokes aside, I feel like Record of Agarest War is pretty cool in the gameplay department on account of its overall big fusion of different strategy elements. It might not excel in any particular style, but I feel as though it makes up for it in the sum of its parts.

DP: Slowly, but surely, Aksys Games has been picking up more S-RPGs for various consoles. Is there a reason the company is moving in this direction? And is this a trend that the company will continue?

JX: Actually, we’re not particularly partial to S-RPGs in any way, it’s just how things turned out for us. We have a bit of a reputation for branching out into weird genres that no one else has really even considered, so whether all the games we end up doing turn out to be S-RPGs like Agarest or straight up otome games like Hakuoki, only time will tell.

DP: Is there anything particular about the Record of Agarest War series that made Aksys pick it up?

JX: I honestly actually have no idea. Truth be told, a lot of the core staff that worked here when we choose to do the original Record of Agarest War has departed, so you’re sorta just left with only my speculation on the how and the why Record of Agarest War came to America. Regardless, I think I can let the love emanating from the Really Naughty Edition created by my predecessors speak for itself.

DP: Of the girls available in this game, who’s your favorite and why?

JX: I’d have to say Alice. I was a huge fan of Ellis in the original and Alice is definitely no exception to me. Dare I nerd out and say that she is also voiced by Saki Fujita (Voicebank of Hatsune Miku), of whom I am also a pretty big fan of?

DP: Do you have a final message for fans or people on the fence about Record of Agarest War?

JX: Come for the girls, stay for the S-RPG. Wait, was it supposed to be the other way around? Regardless though, Agarest is definitely something more along the lines of a hardcore game, I feel as though it is something most (s)RPG fans can enjoy at least on cursory level. It is among one of the first games where you can see the progress of your progeny, so I think that at least on a story level, it will bring players something they haven’t seen before.

If you’re interested in breeding more generations of S-RPG heroes, then check out Record of Agarest War Zero for yourself! On the other hand, perhaps Aksys Games’ newly announced otome game, Hakuoki, might have peaked your interest? If so, head on over here to tell Aksys Games what you want in the limited edition package!


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