[AX 2011] Random Pictures

AX2011 Title
Not sure if you guys are into anime and stuff like that, but I stopped by Anime Expo 2011 this past weekend to check out some of the games at the show, including El Shaddai and Bleach: Soul Resurrection (more on that later). When I wasn’t playing those games or buying random things with some friends, I took notice of a couple of cosplayers and took pictures of those that interested me. Please forgive the crappy pictures. It’s what happens when your camera sucks and you resort to an HTC Desire Z for pictures instead. Hope you guys will like them, though!

First of all, I can’t be happier than anyone else to see some Guilty Gear love. For those of you who don’t know, I love Guilty Gear. I would do terrible things for it to come back. So nothing made me more glad than to see an I-no cosplayer! Noel, Litchi, and the rest of the BlazBlue cast are cool and all, but this made my day.

AX2011 Cosplay 1

Another thing that really interested me was just the vast amount of customized and finely built Gundam models I found. Stepping towards the Bluefin booth, the first thing that caught my eye was a gigantic RX-0 Unicorn Gundam (which can be seen in the gallery) and all the customized Gundam models in the model building competition. To be honest, it’s always something that I wanted to get into, but always just found too intimidating to try. On the other hand, I met and talked to Clem of Gamera Baenre, who told me about the monthly gatherings and workshops on model building that he holds. Maybe I’ll try it too! Here’s two of the models he presented in the competition.

AX2011 Gundam Model 2

Other than that, I spent most of my time just hanging out with some friends and playing a couple of games that I’ll write about later. Those of you who might be on the fence about attending this event might want to give it a try next year. If the badge is too expensive, you can still creep around the convention center and find some good cosplayers running about! Who knows? The year after that, you might try cosplaying as well! Until then, good night and enjoy your Independence Day (if you’re American).

Good night, AX!

Note: This picture was not set up in any way. After leaving the hotel room to housekeeping, we returned to find it this way. That’s right. This hotel staff got a sense of humor and tucked in our good ol’ Gyan and Haro.


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