[Preview] Catherine – Not Just a Choice Between the “C” or the “K”

Catherine Logo

Recently, Atlus invited members of the press to sit in an online conference for a demo of the upcoming Catherine. In it, we got to see some of the upcoming game’s features, such as how Vincent’s decisions will affect endings and some of the game’s multiplayer modes.

For those unfamiliar with Catherine, most of the gameplay takes place in a dream world where protagonist Vincent must reach the top of a wall of blocks. In a sense, it’s like a puzzle game because players will have to find the right path and have to move blocks accordingly. Boss fights seem a bit tenser though, often with a fearful monster climbing up after Vincent and sabotaging his progress. In the stage that we saw, the boss would make blocks heavier, making it harder and a slower ordeal for Vincent to reach the top.

Catherine Preview Shot 2

Don't look back, Vincent!

Aside from the climbing aspect that we’ve all already seen on YouTube, Catherine will include many segments where players make choices that will push them either more towards lawful or chaos. Through these, the ending of the game will change and Vincent’s own inner dialogue as well. Sometimes, it could be through something as unwitting as a conversation with a bartender or an explicit question asking the player if he would prioritize his job first. Expect lots of replay value, as Atlus representative Aram Jabbari said that there will be at least half a dozen possible endings.

Also shown was the game’s Babel and Colosseum modes, which are the cooperative and competitive modes respectively. Although online play is not available for either mode, there will be no split screen action, which means that players will have to cooperate and share the screen in Babel or race to the top of the blocks and push his opponent off the screen in Colosseum. While Babel mode seemed pretty straightforward and a basic extension of single player mode – except that two players can play at once – Colosseum seemed much more interesting. While advancing to the top, one of the players used a block to trap another player in a lower level. From the get-go, Babel will have one stage unlocked but Colosseum will have to wait until players have blown through the game at least once.

Catherine Preview Shot 1

His monologue will be affected by player's decisions throughout.

Catherine is looking like more than just your average puzzle game. With its multiple endings, interesting writing, exciting boss battles, and swear-inducing multiplayer, we’re as excited as you guys are and can’t wait for its release come July 26. For more, check out its official site here.

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