[Quick Questions] Pokédex 3D – Project Market Coordinator Joel Simon

Pokedex 3D logo

Recently released with the Nintendo eShop on the Nintendo 3DS, Pokédex 3D is already making a splash amongst Pokémon fans with its expansive database of Pokémon from the Unova region. Players can view all their favorite Pokémon, given that they were lucky enough to have it in their own Pokédex or have a friend who can give it to them, and even take pictures with them! Lots of great things involved in this completely free title and we decided to ask Joel Simon, project market coordinator of Pokédex 3D, a couple of Quick Questions.

Denkiphile: What was the team’s goal in developing this application for gamers?

Joel Simon: The Pokédex 3D was really developed to give the fans a tool at their finger tips that they could use and also to showcase the different features of the Nintendo 3DS.

DP: Are there going to be any additional updates? Such as additional animations for Pokémon?

JS: If you notice on the options screen, there is a button for future updates to Pokédex 3D.

DP: At E3, we received some special AR cards for the Pokédex 3D, which was definitely a fun addition to it. But are there any more events or gatherings that Nintendo plans to hold for the game in the future?

JS: The Pokémon Company is planning on having some exciting things at future events, namely San Diego Comic Con.  There will be an announcement in the future.

DP: It’s a shame to see the Pokémon from past generations not included in this application. What can fans do to show interest in that application to Nintendo and possibly get it made?

JS: Have no fear, we are fully aware that there are more Pokémon in the series than ones from the Pokémon Black and Pokémon White Versions.

DP: Do you have any final words for fans of Pokémon and the Pokédex 3D application?

JS: If you have a Nintendo 3DS, that is a great application to download.  It’s got all the Pokémon information you could possibly want, and showcases the various features of the Nintendo 3DS.  Just a great value all around.

Personally as an old school Pokémon fan, I would have loved to seen some old favorites such as Charizard or Zapdos in full 3D. But with some of the stuff that Joel is keeping mum, yet teasing about, I see a bright future for all the Pokémon fans out there – new or old! Show your support and download this free, yet worthwhile game from the eShop today!


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