[Quick Questions] Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online – Producer Derek Neal

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Definitely one of the most awaited releases for long time fighting game fans, Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online will feature many improvements such as graphical filters, GGPO netcode, YouTube integration, and a challenge mode that impress players with trails in both parrying skills and combos. While not busy wrecking people in tournaments as Goryus, Producer Derek Neal is hard at work on Third Strike Online and he took some free time to answer a couple of Quick Questions for us.

Denkiphile:  Considering the amount of fighters that don’t get approved for a digital release, what led to the final decision to approve Third Strike Online?

Derek Neal:  Ultimately, it was the success of our previous digital releases that convinced everyone at CAPCOM.  Games like SF2:HD Remix and MvC2 were very successful, and our fans have been very vocal about wanting more.  Street Fighter III:  Third Strike was one of the most common requests, and we aim to please!

DP:  Personally, I already love Third Strike. But is there a specific reason why there was no balance patch as we had with HD Remix?

DN:  Rebalancing a game like Third Strike is tricky.  It’s very easy for something to go wrong.  And even if you do a good job, half the fan base will still be upset, because it’s no longer the game they remember.  In the end, we decided to focus on making something that we knew was going to be awesome, rather than risk ruining a classic.

DP:  Of all the features included in Third Strike Online, what do you feel is the most important addition?

DN:  GGPO, no question.

DP:  What kind of aspirations does the team have for Third Strike Online?

DN:  We really hope that this game will help raise the bar for all fighting games, even if just a little bit.  Fans have been crying out for many of these features for a decade now, and we wanted to prove that we were listening.  Hopefully the fans will come out in force, and show their support for this game.  The best way to make sure these features get into future fighting games is to vote with your wallet!

DP:  Third Strike has traditionally been shunned by more casual Street Fighter fans, what do you want to say to them to draw them in for this release?

DN:  With the release of Street Fighter IV, fighting games have come back in a big way.  But back when Third Strike was first released, the audience was a lot smaller.  So, Street Fighter III:  Third Strike Online Edition is our way of introducing a new generation of Street Fighter fans to an old classic.  Not only does the game look beautiful, but the gameplay is deep and technical, and the re-release is packed with enough features to satisfy even the hungriest of fans.

Being a long time fighting game fan and having competed in the fighting game circuit for a couple of years, it’s great to see the classics I grew up and competed on finally getting more attention in the spotlight. Although the younger generation won’t have to suffer the pains that I did with constant travel plans and weekly sessions just to improve at a game, I can’t help but be happy for them and see a brighter future for fighting games with the features in Third Strike Online. Time to start parrying some supers this summer.


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  1. haha! I can’t wait for this to come out. even though i’m not good at it!

  2. Mad respect to the 3sO team. I cant wait to “play” some people online :).

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