[Review] Dream Trigger 3D – Psychedelic Dreams

Available on: 3DS; Publisher: D3Publisher; Developer: Art Co. Ltd.; Players: 1 – 2; Released: May 10, 2011; ESRB: Everyone; Official Website

Dream Trigger 3D Shot 6

With the recent launch of the 3DS, we’re finally getting a taste of what the system is like, with a multitude of games that seem like a tech demo tagged on to a decent game. Dream Trigger 3D is the embodiment of that; it mixes average gameplay with great use of 3D visuals that gives its players an almost psychedelic trip.

The visuals are not so awe-inspiring because of technological prowess, but its great utilization of 3D. Much like its name, this game indeed feels like a dream. Staring at the top screen is like opening a door to a different world – something that would not have been possible without the 3D technology.

Audio is definitely a strong component as well. Every sonar ping and laser shot by players add fitting sound effects to the entrancing background music. It’s almost as though players are performing the role of a DJ in the form of a mysterious flying recital. Of course, it doesn’t come close to the brilliance of Chime, but it’s enough to put players at a nirvana-like state involving both the visuals and hearing senses.

While simple, the gameplay is by no means subpar. It is quite fitting with the game’s mesmerizing visual flare. The gameplay style of shooting at enemies who are only vulnerable after a successful sonar ping is reminiscent of a classic 2D shmup, especially with the bullets
constantly flying towards the player. However, the simplicity that draws players in will quickly bore most, as there is little variety between levels. In fact, many levels can be completed in several minutes.

Dream Trigger 3D Shot 5

The multiplayer option is a bit puzzling. When there are probably about two 3DS’s per square mile, and the two people are unlikely to know each other, it’s ridiculous that only offline lobbies are supported in Dream Trigger 3D. It’s even harder to expect other players to have this game in their library, making the multiplayer feature practically moot.

Dream Trigger 3D is a fun fusion, featuring classic 2D gameplay from side scrolling shooters along with clever dual screen while showing off some of the best 3D visuals 3DS owners will have seen to date. Although admittedly simple, the gameplay helps players get sucked in to the visuals. This very simplicity is what will fail to keep players glued to their systems, not to mention the lack of replay value with other players.

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