[Friday Five] Future 3DS Wish List

3DS SystemSo far, we’ve gotten some good games on the 3DS already, such as Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition and Dream Trigger 3D (okay, that one isn’t as unanimous). But they really don’t do much other than showcase the 3D capabilities of the system. What about the other possibilities? Such as the gyroscope or dual camera? The’re really only implemented in some minigames so far. We can’t help but wonder what classic game franchises would realy benefit from these new features! We do have five in mind that would really take advantage of the 3DS though!

F Zero Shot 1


Although I’m hesitant to add this game because it was also criticized to be a visually nauseating game, the experience on the 3DS would be second to none. F-Zero was always a futuristic racing game so its implementation in a 3D environment would make it a natural step in the game’s legacy. The 3DS would be a great platform to adapt this already stunning visual game and would make it a standard game in everyone’s 3DS’s library.

Metroid Prime Shot 1


With the introduction of Metroid Prime, the series has moved into first person. As seen in Killzone 3, 3D visuals are a huge improvement over any first person shooter game and a natural evolution for the genre. However, Killzone 3‘s 3D was exclusive to anyone who had both a 3D TV and a PS3, as opposed to just a 3DS. Since Metroid is such a huge franchise, I’m going to go ahead and give mad props to them for making this game.

AR Card Shot 1

Do-it-Yourself Mario Platformer

This is a bit out there, but with the 3DS’s 3D camera, we can see the possibility of translating real life surroundings to gaming environments. We’ve already seen this with the AR cards, so imagine being able to make a platforming game just based on the objects around you, like a keyboard or milk carton! And for boss battles, the game could include a set of AR cards to be used at certain points. One part of your house not doing the job? Perhaps you should take the boss fight to the kitchen! Games need to make use of the systems capabilities other than just 3D visuals to become more than just a gimmick.

Monster Rancher Pic

Monster Rancher

Another great game that would benefit from the 3D camera and AR card potential. Of course, instead of AR cards, a 3DS version of Monster Rancher can use other things, like QR codes or barcodes at the store! Even better, can you imagine being able to battle with the creatures at the palm of your hands? In the past, people could have practically thrown in anything from their CD collection into their Playstation and gained a new monster. Now, you can snap a picture of anything from a URL to a Mii’s QR code for a monster!

Super Smash Brothers Brawl Pic

Super Smash Brothers Brawl or Some Portable Smash

Smash is a dream that fans have been denied for far too long. The DS, well capable of rendering N64 games as seen by Super Mario 64 and Mario Kart, never had an iteration of Smash. And Jump Ultimate Stars was a poor substitute if it could even be considered one. It’s doubtful that any other game will move 3DS systems as easily, so get on it, Nintendo!


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  1. more super robot war pleases….. Ones as good as the PSP one…

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