[Weekly Watch] April 24, 2011

Trouble Witches Title Shot

The upcoming week seems like a bust, with few games coming out and none that have been marketed or publicized too heavily. However, there are still some games coming out that you might have been on the lookout for already, such as Darkspore. It seems that downloadable games are going to take the spotlight this week, with some platforming action in Outland and flying witches in Trouble Witches Neo!. If these don’t interest you, take this as a chance to give your wallet or credit card a break!

Tuesday, April 26:

Darkspore Preview Shot 4

Darkspore (PC)

  • Action-RPG based loosely on Spore, the creature-creating, society –simulation game
  • Upgrade characters along the way with acquired genetic materials
  • Play either by yourself, with an ally, or against another player
  • Control a squad of three customized creatures
  • Official Site
  • Preview

Outland (PS3, April 27 for 360)

  • Features balance between light and darkness, like in Ikaruga
  • 2D platforming gameplay
  • Developed by Housemarque, the minds behind Super Stardust HD and Dead Nation
  • Official Site

Wednesday, April 27:

Hector: Badge of Carnage (PC, Mac, iPad)

  • Classic Telltale Games comedy filled with crude humor
  • Play an incompetent, fat detective
  • Official Site

Nin2-Jump (360)

  • 2D platformer by Cave, known for excruciatingly difficult shmups
  • Run through levels as quickyly as possible and avoid obstacles

Trouble Witches Neo! (360)

  • Schmup by SNK Playmore
  • Convert bullets into money for items
  • Choose from eight characters in a full voiced story mode
  • Includes online co-op
  • Official Site

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