[Eye for Imports] SD Gundam G Generation World

SD G Generation World Shot 6

Eye for Imports is a new section we’re starting to inform you guys of some of the interesting games in Japan right now. If we’re lucky, they may even come shore side and we can snag a copy at domestic prices, albeit coupled with ear-rape voice acting.

This week, we introduce a PSP game with a long pedigree before it: SD Gundam G Generation World. For the uninitiated, this strategy RPG features Gundam units in various scenarios from all the most popular Gundam series, such as Mobile Suit Gundam or the recent Gundam 00, or even lesser known series like Crossbone Gundam.

Seeing as this is a strategy RPG, don’t expect the fast paced mecha experience that simulates some of the action we’re used to seeing from Gundam. For that, I refer you to a little PS2 gem called Zone of the Enders 2. At this point, it’s hard for most to see the appeal of G Generation World. You may have even stopped reading by now. However, its legion of fans follow it for the mobile suit collection aspect of the game. This is probably the closest thing that strategy RPG and robot junkies are going to get to a Pokémon game, as odd as that combination may seem.

With mecha designs from every imaginable series, G Generation World is unlikely to disappoint any fan. Mobile suits can be obtained in a variety of ways, be it by capture or by leveling up one unit enough to change it into another. The strategy aspect of the game isn’t even that strong; players will find themselves going through levels for the pure sake of finding more mobile suits and leveling up rather than the story or gameplay itself. This is incredibly addicting and will easily have Gundam fans glued to their PSPs for weeks, or even months if they want to get the coveted 100% mobile suit collection.

SD G Generation World Shot 1

Being a Gundam game, this offers a load of fan service, which comes in the form of the aforementioned mobile suit collection, classic Gundam tracks and voices, or even storylines that throw different series together. A new gameplay system called Generation Break throws storyline twists into each level, if the player meets certain requirements, and will throw in units that fans would otherwise never see together, much like a fan fiction but done with actual voice acting that lends it some credibility.

Unlike most strategy RPGs that westerners are used to, the G Generation series doesn’t just allow characters to attack adjacently and not all the action takes place on the grid map. Instead, attacks have ranges and, once chosen, initiate animations that are great eye candy whether you’re a Gundam fan or not. Some of them are simple and might not warrant much of your attention, but others can get elaborate; for starters, ∀ Gundam has a move where it will throw a nuke at the enemy from afar and blow it up with a beam rifle shot for some big damage.

SD G Generation World Shot 7

Sadly, this game is unlikely to ever come shore side because of the myriad of licensing issues involved and the unlikelihood that most Americans would even know some of the Gundam series or designs included. In spite of that, the G Generation series is something that no Gundam fan should ever miss out on. Sure, the strategy element is a bit lacking compared to other strategy games out there like the Disgaea series or fellow mecha-based strategy RPG series Super Robot Wars. However, this game was made specifically for Gundam fans and it is literally oozing with fan service that will make each and every one drool as the opening cinematic plays and beam sabers begin to clash. I know I did. For more, visit the official Japanese site.

Note: Images taken from GameFAQs users here.


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  1. I personally prefer G gen portable more as the story is more completed on that game…

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