[Review] Jane’s Zoo – Not Worth the Admission

Taking place on the island of Australia, Jane’s Zoo gives one an opportunity to do all the “dirty work” of operating and maintaining a zoo. This may seem like a completely random premise but who ever thought that throwing birds at green pigs would be any better? But will Jane’s Zoo see similar success or will it be simply be white noise in the ocean known as the app store.

There is no point going around this: Jane’s Zoo is a strategy game designed in the style of the extremely successful Diner Dash franchise. You play a zoo keeper who must watch over all the animals and make sure that all their needs are being met as soon as the zoo is open for business. I found it odd that you never see any zoo visitors, although the zoo is open for business. Your main role at that point is to meet your animals’ needs such as releasing them from their cages, giving them water, and cleaning them. As you progress in the game you’ll receive additional animals and new tasks to do for them. Each animal also has its own needs and quirks. For example, the elephant is indecisive and the baby skunk is impatient.

Other than that the gameplay is fairly simple but mundane. When you begin to get more animals and tasks, the gameplay begins to become much more of a hassle. Whether the task is to feed animals or clean up after them, it is completed by tapping parts of the screen over and over. To top if off, the reward feels minimal for the hurdles you jump through to earn them; quite simply, I had little to no drive to continue playing the game. Though this game has no social network integration, it does have a leaderboard. If the app is updated to contain game center integration, then it would be a fairly large improvement because you could at least compare scores and compete with friends. Unfortunately it seems that if Jane’s Zoo remains as is, it will become white noise in the app store. Especially at the $2.99 price point, it does not even offer enough to fair up against some free games that are available.


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